Supporting Us

We are delighted that you are interested in helping us to fundraise to provide vital breaks for carers in Gloucestershire.  We offer regular respite breaks for carers providing a vital window within the caring role. With the caring responsibility taken by one of our trained Care Support Workers, both carer and cared for can have a change of scene, and an opportunity to explore their own interests or hobbies, or undertake vital household tasks like shopping, and return refreshed to their roles.

Thanks to the funding that we already receive we are able to support over 400 carers in Gloucestershire. With at least 63,000 carers living in the county it is clear that we need all the help that we can get to be able reach more of our county’s unpaid carers, and ensure that they are in the best of health to carry out their caring role.

So what would happen if this support was not available?

In Gloucestershire if the cared for were to be replaced with Care Support Workers it would cost £540 million. This translates nationally to the same amount as the entire NHS. So it is easy to see that it is of vital importance that we look after our carers. Those that don’t receive support can suffer as a result of being socially isolated with 92% of carers feeling more stressed as a result of their caring role this can then lead to their becoming more susceptible to illness for example  61% of carers suffering depression an increase of 36% on the national average.


Our Current Funding

The bulk of our income comes from the contract that we have with Social Services to provide Carers Breaks. This allows us to provide free breaks to carers who have met the funding criteria as having critical or substantial needs. We are very grateful for this funding as it allows us to operate across the county and gives us the stature that we need to carry out our vital work. There is however a funding gap between what we receive from Social Services and what it costs us to run our services and this is where fundraising activity becomes vital.

Historical Fundraising activity

Fundraising has always happened here in an adhoc way thanks to the generosity of our supporters and hard work of our staff. Occasionally we are left large legacies or have been the recipient of the work of a Rotary club or WI. In the past our supporters have been able to be generous with their time; arranging coffee mornings, raffles or quiz’s. This funding has been critical in allowing us to become a long term sustainable charity with a great reputation for delivering high quality services.

It is this type of fundraising that we are keen to develop because it is very effective as it is done by those that know our service and are passionate about how we have helped their families through the hardest times.
Please contact us to discuss any projects T:01452 302542 OR.

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